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Biotrue Oneday Presbyopia - 90 Pack

$84.90 $105.00

Product Information

Lens TypeDaily disposable soft contact lenses

Lenses/Box: 90 lenses immersed in solution of borate buffered saline

Annual Supply: 8 Boxes

Material and % of Content: 22% nesofilcon A

ManufacturerBaush & Lomb


Product Description

If you think about it, contact lenses are pretty remarkable in and of themselves. But when you get Bio true ONEday for Presbyopia lenses things get seriously impressive. Not only does it help correct vision problems, but it lets you triple-focus on nearby things such as books as well as medium- and long-range things such as signs while driving.

Also available in a 30-pack, as well as regular spherical and toric for astigmatism.