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Precision 1 for Astigmatism 90-Pack

$83.98 $95.99

NOTE: Starting August 12th, Alcon is no longer allowing online retailers to sell Precision1 for Astigmatism. They expect to allow online sales starting in December 2021.

Product Information

Lens Type: Daily disposable soft contact lenses

Lenses/Box: 90 sterile, single use, daily wear soft contact lenses, with handling tint and UV-absorbing monomer, in phosphate buffered saline with polymeric wetting agents.

Annual Supply: 8 Boxes

Material and % of Content: 49% Verofilcon A

Manufacturer: Alcon


Product Description

Smartsurface Technology makes these the only water gradient contact lenses on planet earth. The water gradient creates a super-thin (2-4 micron) layer of moisture on the surface of the contact. That means your contacts will feel better, longer for more comfortable eyes.

PRECISION1® daily contact lenses provide lasting visual performance and comfort, through the use of SMARTSURFACE Technology - a permanent, micro-thin layer of moisture for greater than 80% lens surface water content. Their innovative PRECISION BALANCE 8|4® design offers a stable lens wearing experience for those with astigmatism.

For more detailed product information, checkout our in-depth review of Precision1 for Astigmatism!

MANUFACTURER DISCLAIMER: Ask your eye care practitioner for complete wear, care, and safety information.

Also available in 30-packs, and in regular spherical in both 30-packs and 90-packs!